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Batman #33

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Comic
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photo¬†Most times when I say to myself I should start reading more comics, or comics in general two things usually happen. The first is new books and I are rarely ever in the same place at the same time. There is a deli near my apartment that has comics, on a rack, and the newest ones are still older than my sister, who turned 21 last month. Seriously. The second being, when the planets do align and I get something from this decade it’s in the middle of the story and generally I can catch on super quick and enjoy what I get.¬†

Lucky for me that’s not really the age we live in any more, thanks to digital comics and comixology. Say what you will about recent changes, I have the same complaints, and I do prefer physical books still. Except it might be the most consistent source for new comics for me, so there’s that.

If my budget were bigger I’d read all the Batman books, and there are a lot of DC published comic books with or are within the whole of the Batman universe. So I started with Batman #33.

A red-haired James Gordon trying to help Batman save the city. Surely he'll be comissioner one day.

A red-haired James Gordon trying to help Batman save the city. Surely he’ll be commissioner one day.

Penned by Scott Snyder and Penciled by Greg Capullo, a duo I think who has been on the series a majority of the now 33 issues and I can see why.

Even though this is the finale of the whole Zero Year story where The Riddler crippled Gotham City so hard it turned into The Walking Dead minus the zombies.

This being the end of the tale, I skipped everything and now Riddler has Batman in a laser trap where he has to answer riddles before the jets get to the city. I don’t know why presumably the government says, Gotham City is in total blackout better blow the thing up. But that’s the kind of knowledge you would have by NOT skipping to the end.

While Batman is dealing with The Riddler, the not-yet-commissioner Gordon and Lucius Fox try to block The Riddler’s signal to the city and get the incoming jets to not drop bombs on the city.

I won’t outright spoil the ending, but this is the final chapter to a story called Zero Year, and move on…

To the art, which is fantastic. I didn’t have a hard time flowing from one panel to the next. Ok, so maybe the guided view had a helping hand in that, but even then Capullo does some fine work with a decent amount of detail. For example, Batman in this “first appearance” has purple gloves. Which might go more to the colorist Fco Plascencia as credited in the issue, who did a good job as well. I’m just saying I like the way this looks.


If you haven’t read any part in Zero Year, the finale is not the place to start. Ideally i wouldn’t have either, I just wanted to start somewhere and not wait another month for the beginning of the next Dark Knight chapter. Which now I can’t wait for.


[Spoilers, maybe if you’re into that] And because we both know this was going to happen.