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 This show is far from my favorite Bat-show. I also get weird when “they” try to mix things up with established characters. Why not make something new altogether?

So if I can ignore my hang-ups for a bit, Batman Beyond ain’t all that bad. It has the chief creative force that was behind Batman: The Animated Series, which means there will be decent stories and an art style I like. It’s not like they threw away everything, this is future, Bruce Wayne is too old to be Batman. Through a string of events a high school student named Terry McGinnis becomes the next Batman.

Terry is an alright Batman, he grows into the character more throughout the series. I haven’t seen the whole series, something I should sit down and do at some point, but from what I have seen, there’s a fair share of new villains, like Inque and Blight. Of course there are old foes as well, Mister Freeze shows up. The Return of the Joker animated feature brings back the obvious, and really messes with Tim Drake as Robin’s character. It’s a great feature you should watch.

The makes some interesting moves, Terry still talks to Commissioner Gordon, instead of it being an old James Gordon, it’s his daughter Barbara. Which it’s also implied that Barbara and Bruce had a relationship at one point. That will never not be a weird concept to me.

Even ar the end of the show, it still takes what you know as fact and tosses them aside for new crazier revelations. Biggest spoiler of them all being, the man Terry knew as his father wasn’t. This new younger future Batman was a clone of Bruce the whole time. Something that makes you do a double take and want to watch all fifty-two episodes again just to see if there are any clues pointing to that fact.

Should you watch Batman Beyond? Yes. The more you like Batman the more you should give this a shot, it gets nuts.