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Well. The last of the nineties Batman movies that started out so promising, and in the last showing, ends with a lame whimper. You know which one I’m talking about, because this is the one where they thought it was a good idea to put nipples on the Batsuit. Robin had them too, like he needed one more, hey I’m my own man too dammit Bruce things.

It’s not even like I can pin point the one thing wrong that takes the film down either. It looks like everyone was bored making the movie. EVERYONE. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze is full of uninspired ice type puns. A man who once played a cold uncaring piece of machinery, whose sole purpose was “death to humans” was more believable than “ICE to see you”.

Uma Thurman is incredible. She was great in Pulp Fiction and a force in Kill Bill. However her poison Ivy is about as clever as an actual plant. Like yes, of course you’re going to get Batman and Robin argue over who is going to “get” you. And yes, the older statelier George Clooney’s Batman figures it out first. Which the dynamic duo come to their senses OFF screen. So that reveal when Robin comes to her like he’s on Ivy’s side, but really not, because wax lips! Its like well, yeah, that is a solution. Not an interesting one, but it moved the plot along.

In the old television series, Batman would thwart a criminals poison because he knew ahead of time to drink a few glasses of buttermilk before going out. At least in the episode you saw Batman drink an awful lot of milk in the batcave before, marking that he had an actual plan. Not, well let’s just skip that part over for more ice related jokes, no one will notice.

Bane has his theatrical debut here as well. Acting like a brutish thug that doesn’t speak and protects Ivy. Not like he is in the comics, or anything. All the characterization in Batman & Robin is as if the writers looked at comic covers. Not actually read them or opened them up, just the covers, or maybe some poster art.

Sometimes I’ll get the idea of watching this again. Then Mister Freeze’s goons ice skate around that museum and Batman shows up and I just get disappointed. A quick scene or two passes and the Batman pulls out his BAt credit card for a charity auction and I don’t even know why anymore.

I’m not saying anything new. This movie is bad, unfunny, and poorly executed. Don’t watch it. Even George Clooney apologized for it.

Cover Thursday 10/16/14

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Cover Thursday 9/4/14

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Batman and Robin, crime fighting cannonballs.

Batman and Robin, crime fighting cannonballs.

Hey, remember that time a few years ago now where Darkseid shot his omega beams and hit Batman and he died? Well. That happened, but Batman didn’t die, he just got sent back through time and made his way back over the course of about year. Maybe it’s just me, but that plot sounds vaguely familiar. Anyway.

During that time the mantle of Batman was fought over by a few people. I thought it would have been more interesting if they had gone and made three Batmen, one for each former Robins at the time, highlighting their individual strengths. DC Comics had other plans, made Dick Grayson Batman for a while, teamed him up with Damian Wayne as Robin, after being trained to be an assassin Damian was a good choice.

Then, and here comes the best part, DC Comics decides to have Grant Morrison write a book featuring a book with Dick Grayson as Batman and Young Damian as Robin. With Frank Quitely art.

Story is good, although you are reading Grant Morrison, so read it reads better as a collection rather than piece by piece. Don’t get me wrong, there are great little scenes. After Gordon calls Batman with the Batlight, Jim can tell there is a different man in the suit and remarks, “Didn’t you used to be taller”. It also has this fantastic turning point for Damian. he gets kidnapped and tied up by this new Batvillain Professor Pyg. when he comes to Damian doesn’t show signs of being afraid, or worry about whether Dick can come and save him. The young Robin simply asks who tied him up so that they are the first ones he punches in the face. It’s a transformation from being a jerk punk of a kid, to someone who can handle the pressure of being in that position and not freak out because there is a man wearing a pig mask, who might want to cut off his face.

Graphically, Frank Quitely is an artist you either like, or can’t stand, and he has grown on me over some years, I liked his run on New X-Men, it’s full of little details that get overlooked if your too fast.
Overall the story is alright. It mostly sets up for Bruce’s inevitable return and Damian’s introduction. It’s far from anything I would call necessary Batman reading at this point, but it is a satisfactory part of Bat-history.


Damian Wayne

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The fourth main Robin has a different style of upbringing and a very similar name.

Batman only has two real considerations for a love interest, they being Catwoman and Talia Al’Ghul. As complicated as the former can be, Bruce may have a child with the latter.

Which takes nothing away from Damian, seeing as how Talia raised him and he was trained by the league of assassins. The young Wayne is no slouch when it comes to combat. Being more ruthless than his father at times, assassins tend to kill people.

And then add in the punk kid mentality and Damian can can be either a little jerk, or smugly clever.

For instance, in one of the first dozen issues of Batman and Robin, Damian was kidnapped and tied to a chair by Professor Pyg, and instead of being stereotypical sidekick scared and like, holy gee how am i going to get out of this. Damian just looked around and said something to the effect of, when I get out of this I’m going to start by punching you right in the face. I got a kick out of that scene.

Also, having Damian team-up with Supergirl at one point lead to some funny results if my mind serves me right.

Unfortunately, Damian is currently dead in the comics. Though Batman is on a journey to try and either find him or bring him back, I don’t know what’s going to happen. DC Comics is advertising some sort of return of Robin, but there is no guarantee that Damian is the one coming back. If it isn’t, there will be a part where I think that’s a little disappointing.

Tim Drake

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The third and might be the most important Robin.

Current comic continuity might say otherwise, but it also says Batman went through the first two Robins and Tim, and had Damian Wayne as Robin in less than five years. So continuity be damned.

Unlike the previous Robins where Bruce Wayne eventually revealed himself as Batman. Tim Drake figured it all out. Then had enough balls to confront Batman about it. Few other people can make the claim they solved who Batman was, Tim might be the only one who wasn’t allowed to have a driver’s license yet.

Tim argued to Bruce about how Batman needs a Robin and after Jason died Batman became more violent, ruthless and acted less like the super sleuth Tim knew he was. Without Drake, Bruce was sliding down a slope no one knew where would lead. The world doesn’t need more violence, it needs a detective.

This was the Robin that put The Dynamic Duo back together. Although Tim wasn’t a force physically like the previous two Robins, he grew into that, and what he lacked in physicality he more than made up for with his brain.

Then, as Robins do, Tim grew up. Currently he goes by Red Robin, and if you don’t make a big deal out of certain continuity things, it makes sense, and Tim is still my favorite Robin.

Jason Todd

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Once caught trying to steal tires off the Batmobile, Jason Todd was the second and most ill-tempered Robin.

Not a serendipitous meeting as between Bruce and Dick, but not any less fateful. This new Robin had a lot of emotions running through him, and sometimes Batman didn’t know how to handle them.

Jason’s hole Robin personality echoed from Batman’s hard-hitting and street wise smarts. I don’t think Bruce ever got to completely put all his trust into his second sidekick as he did Dick.

Which is where things go real raw for Batman. Jason Todd died, as Robin, in Robin clothes, beaten to death by The Joker.

Comics are the only place where if someone dies it’s not such a big deal, because they can always come back. For decades this was the case with Jason Todd. His name was on a short list of character you do not bring back from the dead.

However with comics things change and the dead Robin returned, as a kind of bad guy, angry at Batman for not killing The Joker for what happened to him. I don’t blame Jason for feeling that way, the one man who had taken him in a protected him, ultimately did little when his biggest adversary destroyed protegé.

Despite death as a child, Jason grew up, he went under the name Red Hood and dispensed his own side of justice, using guns and seedy criminal activity. Despite using some less than savory methods for Batman’s taste, Jason is still an ally of The Bat.

Being Robin is a hard job for any twelve-year-old, only special people can fulfill. Regardless of Jason Todd having some glimpse of having that, he just fell a bit short.