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Victor Friese is one character who didn’t, for the most part, have any depth until the Animated Series, and they did it by taking away his personality.

In the sixties Batman series, he was played very jovially, much like all The Caped Crusader’s cohorts in crime. Then Batman would stop the icy villain by remembering to put a pair of thermal underwear on, and off to jail with Chief O’Hara Freeze would go. Much like the Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin. Only the movie seemed to want to multiply the use of ice puns up a magnitude or two.

Say what you will about Otto Preminger’s antics against Adam West, but that whole show was satirical. The Joel Schumacher movie was trying to be that show in spirit, and failed hard.

However, the movie did use some of the elements the Animated Series established. Such as Mister Freeze was a Doctor, and had a wife who was in cryogenic stasis, and while he was seeking a cure for her. One chemical bath later Victor Friese was a cold man. Except the show had given Freeze something by taking his away the one bit that made him a person, the movie just poked a fat finger at some of the ideals, and didn’t take them anywhere.

Freeze tends to make appearances in other places as well. He’s in both, Batman Vengeance a video game for the Nintendo GameCube, and Arkham City for Playstation 3. They both had incredible¬†boss battles pitting Batman up against his coldest foe. Vengeance took the look of the Animated Series, put it into three-dimensional space, and gave you a first person view option. Arkham City had Mr. Freeze stalk Batman around a police laboratory blasting the area with his freeze gun, and you couldn’t attack him twice the same way, because he was “learning” Batman’s moves. Both were memorable unique experiences in their games.

What I found to be the most creepy instance of Victor Friese, was again the Animated Series. In the fourth season when the redesigned many of the characters used, and put in Tim Drake as Robin and Batgirl as Batman’s sidekicks. They also gave Mister Freeze a make-over as well. Since there wasn’t much to take away emotionally, Freeze was just a head in a glass jar. Sure, a majority of the time he was in a big robot suit and you didn’t know the difference, but when he had to come out and walk along with robotic spider legs that came out of his helmet. That’s crazy.

Mister Freeze was one of the handful of Batvillains that in the beginning was used for a story, then put on the shelf for a number of years, only to be brought back and is now part of a core of Batman adversaries.