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Stylistically similar to the old Adam West Batman series and the Dick Sprang era of comics, Batman the Brave and the Bold is a lighter approach to The Dark Knight.

You might notice the bright vibrant colors the show uses. Batman’s cape and cowl are blue, not black, which not only goes theme wise to that old television show, it also shows that this series is not dark, and takes the lighter side of The Bat.

There is an astoundingly vast cast of characters in the show. From the opening Batman is usually finishing a case with Detective Chimp, or escapes a death-defying trap with Miracle Man. Just like if you started watching the Batman 66′ show on the second part of a two part episode with the dynamic duo in a perilous predicament, but get out of it with ease. Then Batman joins in the adventure with the likes of Aquaman, Blue Beetle, or The Green Lanterns, whether he likes it or not.

Much of the characters are styled like their golden age counter parts. Green Arrow looks like Robin Hood and drives an Arrow car, to compete with Batman and his Batmobile. But it also has the newer Blue Beetle Jaime, so Batman can mentor a young hero. Robin shows up in a few episodes, but this is more if the Golden Age style kept going with story lines from the eighties. Dick Grayson shows up, but Batman has traveled to Bludhaven where Robin is trying to establish himself as an adult hero. In a subsequent episode Robin becomes Nightwing. In full disco style get-up.

The two things you need to know before you start watching are, A) The show is primarily for kids, the stories aren’t that involved and most of them are half hour adventures, And B) All the episodes are special Batman team-ups. Those aren’t bad things, and if you’re not a stubborn jerk who thinks The Dark Knight Returns is the only type of Batman ever, you’ll find the show enjoyable.

Batman refers to his fists as The Hammers of Justice, and the Batmobile transforms into a mech at one point. Seriously. With legs and everything. Also a space adventure is had with Adam Strange and Aquaman. If there’s a character that belongs less in space than Batman it is Aquaman. That episode works way more than it should, because This Aquaman is the best version of him I’ve seen.

A swashbuckling adventurer who over embellishes his stories. Instead of The King of the Sea being all drab and boring, he’s quick to the punch, and boldly exclaims, “Have I ever told you about the time…” often. Arthur is my most favorite of all the team-ups in the show. I want to see a show with the Adventures of Aquaman in the same style.

There are three seasons and lots of episodes to jump in on. They are all super fun.