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 This show is far from my favorite Bat-show. I also get weird when “they” try to mix things up with established characters. Why not make something new altogether?

So if I can ignore my hang-ups for a bit, Batman Beyond ain’t all that bad. It has the chief creative force that was behind Batman: The Animated Series, which means there will be decent stories and an art style I like. It’s not like they threw away everything, this is future, Bruce Wayne is too old to be Batman. Through a string of events a high school student named Terry McGinnis becomes the next Batman.

Terry is an alright Batman, he grows into the character more throughout the series. I haven’t seen the whole series, something I should sit down and do at some point, but from what I have seen, there’s a fair share of new villains, like Inque and Blight. Of course there are old foes as well, Mister Freeze shows up. The Return of the Joker animated feature brings back the obvious, and really messes with Tim Drake as Robin’s character. It’s a great feature you should watch.

The makes some interesting moves, Terry still talks to Commissioner Gordon, instead of it being an old James Gordon, it’s his daughter Barbara. Which it’s also implied that Barbara and Bruce had a relationship at one point. That will never not be a weird concept to me.

Even ar the end of the show, it still takes what you know as fact and tosses them aside for new crazier revelations. Biggest spoiler of them all being, the man Terry knew as his father wasn’t. This new younger future Batman was a clone of Bruce the whole time. Something that makes you do a double take and want to watch all fifty-two episodes again just to see if there are any clues pointing to that fact.

Should you watch Batman Beyond? Yes. The more you like Batman the more you should give this a shot, it gets nuts.

Dick Grayson

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Character
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The once circus performer Dick Grayson was the first Robin, and maybe even the first kid sidekick.

It almost seems Bruce didn’t pick him, it was being at the right place at the most tragic time that did. Similar to how that night after the theater young Bruce’s parents were murdered in front of him, Dick’s parent were taken away from him during a trapeze accident one night in front of a crowd of people. It’s almost destiny that the one person who would know that exact feeling was sitting in the audience.

What makes the original Robin so good, is that he is a reflection of the athleticism and classroom smart parts of Batman. Dick was an acrobatic circus performer, and a college student, becoming an educated human being. It was a good fit for the Dynamic Duo, until Dick got older.

Then out of the shadow of The Bat, Dick broke out moved to another city and became Nightwing. This allowed Grayson to be his own man, and take what his time as Robin taught him and what disagreements he had with Batman’s philosophies and shine on his own.
Dick is the closest person to Bruce, aside from Alfred. Which makes Batman’s whole persona change, because the first Robin knows his tactics, and it makes it a little easier for Batman to say what’s going down rather than hide more. Which Bruce still does, he just confides more in Dick.

Like in Hush, before Bruce goes off and reveals to Catwoman who Batman is he asks Dick for advice. Nightwing’s response was that he should and he should probably shower. Batman takes the advice, tells Selina his big secret, and then regrets not taking the second part of Dick’s help.

The original Robin is my second favorite Batman sidekick, but I also like him better as Nightwing myself.


Posted: June 9, 2014 in Character
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Harvey Dent, Gotham District Attorney, friend of Bruce Wayne, and villainous foe of Batman monikered Two-Face.

Mirroring the dual identity of The Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne, Harvey’s bi-personality is more severe. While the man, DA Harvey Dent is hard-working on the “law” side of justice, his alter ego however isn’t definitely on any one side. Batman is the opposite, always in one state of mind, focused. It isn’t that Two-Face is at constant odds with himself, but he always refers to himself as “we”, it’s a reminder that there are two men in one brain.

With a person of two literal minds in the world of Batman, Two-Face might be a little obsessed with probability, flipping a coin before they make any decision, for better or worse. I’m sure it’s gotten Batman or Robin out of a jam a time or two.

In the end, Bruce Wayne being a good friend to Harvey Dent doesn’t necessarily make Batman want to lock Two-Face away in Arkham and that be that. When all is said and done, Bruce wants his friend back, and sometimes Harvey can get ahold of himself, just long enough to give Batman the confidence to continue trying to help Dent. Despite all the criminal activity Dent has gotten into, Bruce believes he can still put his friend back together for good.