Batman Returns (SNES)

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Video Game
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We all have these things we’re some how able to see into “The Matrix” of them and just know how they work, and to third parties watching said activity looks amazing.

Most Two dimensional side scrolling beat ’em ups are not that for me. Which is what the SNES Batman Returns game is. Sure I have a bit of fun for the level or two I can get to by myself, but there’s always this part where it’s either a group of enemies that are too much and I can punch in both directions at once, or i get to the third level boss, who promptly depletes my health and lives like his life depended on them.

Whatever shortcomings I have with the game don’t detract from what I like about it. The opening scene has the Batmobile zooming out, then there is this awesome looking Batman sprite walking down a Gotham street punching clown degenerates in the face, or when the dudes on motorcycles show up, giving them a swift jump kick to help them off their bike.

The animations are decent, Batman’s fighting style is clear, and from what I’ve seen the game doesn’t slow down that bad, but again that is only the first two levels. When you’re done pounding the clown thugs face in, they blink and fade away.

One of these days, when I have an enormous amount of free time I’d like to go back and  tackle this one with more  perseverance. Until then I’ll just have to settle for little victories.


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