Gotham City Imposters

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Video Game
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A Team Fortress 2 styled first person shooter is not the style a Batman game you might think of. Ever, I didn’t. Gotham City Impostors exists, and does an excellent job.

It takes its liberties with the license, such as you don’t play as any established characters, they’re more generic men and women in different classes a la TF2, and there are only two sides, Team Batman and Team Joker.

The gameplay is like any modern First Person Shooter on PC using keyboard and mouse. However, the thing that makes GCI stand out from, Team Fortress 2, is the implementation of gadgets.

There’s a grappling hook that lets you zip up to places otherwise unreachable, a cape gliding mechanic so you can swoop across the map, and rocket skates. Those are used to zip around on the ground. Combine the skates and a ramp, plus the cape glide and you can reach places that seem out of reach.

You can customize your character as well. There are a variety of different styled masks to choose from making it easy to be semi-unique, which is cool when you see someone flying around in a costume you haven’t gotten yet. Everything isn’t unlocked from the start though, and the sweet chest piece you want to roll around in might be several dozen hours away from earning, that can be a bummer. Also, you can get these weird familiars that follow you around when you play. I never figured out what exactly they did, if they do anything more than be a cosmetic little thing that buzzes around your head.

If you have a PC that can run a game decently, and have had some fun in TF2, check this out. It’s free-to-play.


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