Batman: Arkham City

Posted: November 24, 2014 in Video Game
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Much like all video game sequels, Arkham City takes what Asylum did, and blew it up. Think Rick Moranis and the movie with the giant toddler and less summer blockbuster.

Story goes, Gotham sectioned off part of the city to keep criminals in, like a giant jail under Doctor Hugo Strange’s authority. The district they quarantined off just so happened to have, a museum, theater, hospital, courthouse, bank, chemical plant, and a steel mill. Because when you’re putting cutting off a giant portion of city and converting it into a prison, the inmates are going to want to govern themselves and have some culture when they aren’t thieving? The position of Arkham City always got me wondering why there? I think I heard there might have been an earthquake or something sectioning off a convenient piece of land. That part wasn’t in the game so, that part could be false.

That’s really a non point article to point out anyway. The map is bigger than in Asylum, Batman has more moves such as being able to takedown multiple targets at once, more gadgets including a zip line so you can quickly launch yourself not the air and glide around for faster travel, more villains, and you get to play as Catwoman for certain story missions. Plus not only are those two included, but Robin and Nightwing are in the Riddler Challenges this go around. All four have different variations in combat maneuvers and weapons they use, but are all similar control-wise.

The main story is alright. Its got its twists and turns, never being as obvious as it is in others. The ending is alright, though the only major thing to happen at the end can be reversed with a simple sentence. Batman does fight Ra’s al Ghul in a fantastic boss duel, with swords. You also see one of the reasons Ra’s has been around so long.

Traversal wise, You go all over the map effectively enough, though the game does make you backtrack a couple of times. The worst parts aren’t that bad. However I do detest going back into the sewer to find those last few of Catwoman’s Riddler Trophies.

There are a lot of Riddler Trophies. Over two hundred in the main game added to the challenge mode medals you get in challenge mode. Some trophies are super simple to figure out, you stand at point A and throw a batarang at point B, and the trophy unlocks from its cage. Then there are those that, are trickier and I don’t know how to get, still. And I’ve been trying for a while. It’s not quite, “well goddamnit let me look at a FAQ” yet, but I know I’m being stubborn at a thing as soon as I get it I’m going to think, “How did I miss that.”

Overall Arkham City is a lot of fun, there are some unique boss fights. There is never that I am the Batman moment like in Asylum, butthat’s a feeling you only get once, then you just kick-ass as The Batman.


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