Batman Forever, The Game

Posted: September 22, 2014 in Video Game
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The Genesis and Super Nintendo had their fair share of Dark Knight related games. Since those bat-movies were coming out when those game systems were popular, and there were a couple of movie based games. This is one such title.

Looking back on it, other than Mortal Kombat, the digitize your actors style graphics never appealed to me. The actors they had portray their parts in this game were passable. At the time there was no High Definition anything, despite what the Genesis had written on its top.

I’ve found the best way to describe Batman Forever the game, is it wanted to be a side scrolling Mortal Kombat. Seriously. There are high and low punches and kicks to attack, and a block button. Only difference was, Batman had a grappling hook. A very bad, awkward, clumsy grappling hook. I remember the grapple animation looking weird for Robin, like he was extending his staff from his lower region.

So, the game itself plays just like you would think a Mortal Kombat II style side scrolling action game would. Slow and lumbering, not how anyone would begin to describe Batman. The thing MkII has, is because it’s a fighting game the farthest you travel is maybe a few screen lengths. It gets real messy when your trying to travel around whole platforming levels. Plus, add in that grappling hook mechanic and you’re going to have a bad time.

Not that the idea of giving Batman something to get around faster, or find secret areas with is a bad one. It just doesn’t work. I got this game for christmas one year, and probably spent the better portion of a good month futzing around with that damned hook. Trying all sorts of button combinations and not having success, and then maybe having some and not knowing what just happened. I got a strategy guide, that didn’t help with uncovering the mystic ways of the grapple.

It is possible to beat the game, I have. It’s not what I would call an enjoyable experience by any means. The Circus level is when it goes downhill fast, and that’s the fourth of about eight levels.

Lastly, this game has so much in common with the before mentioned Mortal Kombat, that this has a two player mode, where you can fight in the Batcave. You can choose the plethora of characters throughout the game, but if it isn’t Batman, or Robin its a “holographic projection” or something of the bad guys, which are all blue. If you don’t have a better fighting game available it’s alright, at best for a few rounds. There are Batman video games that are magnitudes better than this, play them, not this.



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