Barbara Gordon

Posted: September 8, 2014 in Character
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Batgirl. Introduced in the ’66 Batman television series as Barbara Gordon, commissioner James Gordon’s daughter. She crossed into the comicsuniverse and has been a staple in the Bat-universe ever since

Barbara was a college student who was inspired by Batman to help her father out. I’m mostly positive Commissioner Gordon knows who everyone in that circle is, especially Batgirl. Considering she only shows up when Barbara is around and they both have shockingly similar red hair. Which flows out of the original Batgirl’s cowl.


I like the design of Barbara’s Batgirl outfit. She’s not as dark and brooding as Bruce Wayne, so she gets some yellow highlights in places to liven her up a bit.

Of course, Barbara went through some dark times. Getting shot point-blank by The Joker put her into the wheelchair she was in for decades. Before DC decided to restart their whole universe (not one hundred percent completely, and not at all flawless) and made it so Barbara was paralyzed, but she got better somehow.

However, that time when she couldn’t go out and fight alongside her friends didn’t stop her. Barbara Gordon became Oracle, became a computer hacker and monitored Gotham from her base off operations contacting and aiding Batman when he, or someone like Robin or Nightwing needed her.

To be honest, I more like Barbara as this upper level behind the scenes person, getting everyone where they need to be rather than Batman’s girl sidekick.


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