Batman and Robin volume 1

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Comic
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Hey, remember that time a few years ago now where Darkseid shot his omega beams and hit Batman and he died? Well. That happened, but Batman didn’t die, he just got sent back through time and made his way back over the course of about year. Maybe it’s just me, but that plot sounds vaguely familiar. Anyway.

During that time the mantle of Batman was fought over by a few people. I thought it would have been more interesting if they had gone and made three Batmen, one for each former Robins at the time, highlighting their individual strengths. DC Comics had other plans, made Dick Grayson Batman for a while, teamed him up with Damian Wayne as Robin, after being trained to be an assassin Damian was a good choice.

Then, and here comes the best part, DC Comics decides to have Grant Morrison write a book featuring a book with Dick Grayson as Batman and Young Damian as Robin. With Frank Quitely art.

Story is good, although you are reading Grant Morrison, so read it reads better as a collection rather than piece by piece. Don’t get me wrong, there are great little scenes. After Gordon calls Batman with the Batlight, Jim can tell there is a different man in the suit and remarks, “Didn’t you used to be taller”. It also has this fantastic turning point for Damian. he gets kidnapped and tied up by this new Batvillain Professor Pyg. when he comes to Damian doesn’t show signs of being afraid, or worry about whether Dick can come and save him. The young Robin simply asks who tied him up so that they are the first ones he punches in the face. It’s a transformation from being a jerk punk of a kid, to someone who can handle the pressure of being in that position and not freak out because there is a man wearing a pig mask, who might want to cut off his face.

Graphically, Frank Quitely is an artist you either like, or can’t stand, and he has grown on me over some years, I liked his run on New X-Men, it’s full of little details that get overlooked if your too fast.
Overall the story is alright. It mostly sets up for Bruce’s inevitable return and Damian’s introduction. It’s far from anything I would call necessary Batman reading at this point, but it is a satisfactory part of Bat-history.


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