Jason Todd

Posted: August 11, 2014 in Character
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Once caught trying to steal tires off the Batmobile, Jason Todd was the second and most ill-tempered Robin.

Not a serendipitous meeting as between Bruce and Dick, but not any less fateful. This new Robin had a lot of emotions running through him, and sometimes Batman didn’t know how to handle them.

Jason’s hole Robin personality echoed from Batman’s hard-hitting and street wise smarts. I don’t think Bruce ever got to completely put all his trust into his second sidekick as he did Dick.

Which is where things go real raw for Batman. Jason Todd died, as Robin, in Robin clothes, beaten to death by The Joker.

Comics are the only place where if someone dies it’s not such a big deal, because they can always come back. For decades this was the case with Jason Todd. His name was on a short list of character you do not bring back from the dead.

However with comics things change and the dead Robin returned, as a kind of bad guy, angry at Batman for not killing The Joker for what happened to him. I don’t blame Jason for feeling that way, the one man who had taken him in a protected him, ultimately did little when his biggest adversary destroyed protegé.

Despite death as a child, Jason grew up, he went under the name Red Hood and dispensed his own side of justice, using guns and seedy criminal activity. Despite using some less than savory methods for Batman’s taste, Jason is still an ally of The Bat.

Being Robin is a hard job for any twelve-year-old, only special people can fulfill. Regardless of Jason Todd having some glimpse of having that, he just fell a bit short.


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