Dick Grayson

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Character
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The once circus performer Dick Grayson was the first Robin, and maybe even the first kid sidekick.

It almost seems Bruce didn’t pick him, it was being at the right place at the most tragic time that did. Similar to how that night after the theater young Bruce’s parents were murdered in front of him, Dick’s parent were taken away from him during a trapeze accident one night in front of a crowd of people. It’s almost destiny that the one person who would know that exact feeling was sitting in the audience.

What makes the original Robin so good, is that he is a reflection of the athleticism and classroom smart parts of Batman. Dick was an acrobatic circus performer, and a college student, becoming an educated human being. It was a good fit for the Dynamic Duo, until Dick got older.

Then out of the shadow of The Bat, Dick broke out moved to another city and became Nightwing. This allowed Grayson to be his own man, and take what his time as Robin taught him and what disagreements he had with Batman’s philosophies and shine on his own.
Dick is the closest person to Bruce, aside from Alfred. Which makes Batman’s whole persona change, because the first Robin knows his tactics, and it makes it a little easier for Batman to say what’s going down rather than hide more. Which Bruce still does, he just confides more in Dick.

Like in Hush, before Bruce goes off and reveals to Catwoman who Batman is he asks Dick for advice. Nightwing’s response was that he should and he should probably shower. Batman takes the advice, tells Selina his big secret, and then regrets not taking the second part of Dick’s help.

The original Robin is my second favorite Batman sidekick, but I also like him better as Nightwing myself.


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