The Music of Batman

Posted: July 21, 2014 in Other
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Batman has been the recipient of some iconic themes in his seventy-five year history.

Earliest piece I can remember is the ’66 theme. You know, “nananana Batman!” It’s uptempo simple and those highlights when the opening credits pull out a “BIFF”, or “POW”

For more than twenty years that was The Batman Theme. In 1989 Danny elf an put together the one they used in the Batman movie. Which if you’ve spent many hours watching the Animated Series it should sound the same, because it is, tweaked ever so slightly.

Batman: brave and the Bold had another fantastic theme tune. Much of the show takes place Ina succor to that old Adam West starring show, and has a similar jazzy start-up I think is pretty good.

Of course that Sunsoft NES Batman game had a great level-1 song as well.

Theme songs are all well and good,  but you know. Sometimes, you have to hear the man song himself.


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