Batman: NES

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Video Game
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Batman on the NES from Sunsoft might not have been the first video game to feature The Dark Knight, but it is the earliest Bat-game I can recall playing.


Title Screen!

Loosely based on the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie, this is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that has five stages with multiple levels and culminates in a battle with The Joker.

The graphics are decent for 1990 Nintendo Entertainment System. The Batman sprite looks like what it’s supposed to, although maybe a little blue-purplish for my taste. The Joker looks like his namesake as well, albeit he is bigger than Batman, which isn’t far from expected in an old-school video game

Batman and Joker are apparently not the only two named characters in the game. There’s an enemy that has a gun and just stand there shooting at you in regular intervals, that’s supposed to be Deadshot. The charging foes that come at you sometimes in twos and threes is Maxie Zeus, and the first boss is Killer Moth while the boss before the final showdown with The Joker is Firebug. You might not have ever known that if you didn’t look it up, and you can also mistake one of the bigger foes on the third stage as Killer Croc. Which is understandable, because that’s what I did. They are actually mutants The Joker made and sent them after Batman.

Killer Croc? Nope just a mutant…

The game has a nice added ability to the jump from one platform to the next routine in the minor addition of a Ninja Gaiden like wall jump. It doesn’t add much, but it does make it so the game has harder platforming puzzles. They get harder towards the final stages, you might have to repeat certain sections, because the jumps aren’t as precise as you would like. Especially when you have to make a blind jumps to reach the next part and you fall back to the start of the zone.

Jumping around like a fool isn’t the only thing you can do. Batman has a few gadget/weapons you can use to take out the bad guys. First the most common is his fist, because you need to pick up ammo for the others, but a punch in the face is an effective close-combat strategy. Then fast enough after a you smack a dude or robot to dispatch them they will drop batarangs, that look like regular boomerangs, but whatever, they are fast and effective. The two other projectiles you get seem weird and out-of-place for Batman. The rocket/spear gun, which is just a gun that fires rocket like projectiles, and a shuriken like disc attack that splits into three of itself before flying off-screen. The latter is super useful, but uses three ammo per shot. Which makes me think why they didn’t just try combining the batarang and the disc to make a more Batman-esque weapon set, but they also put a gun in the game so Batman-esque is close enough.

If you’ve never played the game before it’s worth checking out, however slow and frustrating at times your first progress might be because of the tricky jumps. Of course the excellent music in the game doesn’t hurt either. You hear the level one theme a lot, if you’re bad, like I was. The rest of the stages are equally as good and there are variations of the main theme throughout them, And maybe, if you make it all the way through taking down The Joker after you watch the credits, you’ll have the same question I did. Since when can The Joker control lightning.


Final showdown. The gun is probably as long as his leg…


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