Posted: April 21, 2014 in Character

A whole year of Batman, I guess the most logical place to start is with the Caped Crusader himself.

What makes Batman so awesome? His ability to solve the toughest riddles to find what criminal of his outlandish rogues gallery committed the crime? Or maybe because he can go toe to toe with anyone in a fight and it’s never as outmatched as it might seem? I think it’s when you take a little of the former and mix in some action from the latter that Batman becomes a true superhero and not just a masked vigilante. Add in some ninja training, science knowledge, and escape artistry and you might have a concept of what The Batman is about.

The Dark Knight has gone through some locale, and philosophical changes through the years. For starters, in the beginning his base of operations was in New York City, and in the forties used guns to take out bad guys. Neither of which is true today. Some things don’t change, he always has a sidekick, most of them named Robin, he always prepares himself with the most cutting edge tech gadgets, and how would Batman get anywhere without his Batmobile?

The Bat-man’s first appearance

The Caped Crusader has been in every medium of media you can think of, comics, television, movies and even a video game or two. All those different kinds of Batmen featuring all the things that make Batman a fantastic vehicle to tell a good story behind. The cool thing is, no matter what you consider to be the absolute version, or when you discover the Caped Crusader, they are all Batman. From Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s first collaboration in the late thirties, to Adam West’s portrayal on TV in the mid sixties, to the Kevin Conroy voiced Batman in the nineties Batman: The Animated Series, even including the new upcoming Ben Affleck Batman in the new Batman vs, Superman movie. Everyone has their own model of a true Batman, and it’s great we get to see them all. You don’t need to like every one, but personally I like seeing new versions, at least every once in a while.

Each different type of media can make the different aspects of Batman stand out. Video games and comics can take a slower pace and delve deeper into the detective work. Movies go for more action and adventure. The good ones always get a good mix of everything for the medium that it’s in.

A hero can’t stand there and act the part, they need decent villains. Batman has them in spades from Abattoir to Zelda the Great, and some you might have heard of. Gotham City is a hotbed of criminal activity, keeps The Dark Knight on his toes.

Batman has kept a lot of fans for seventy-five years and the best is yet to come.


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